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I run on purple time - my week at a glance; meetings, markets and manicures

All winter I’ve felt like I have been stuck in a creative rut and my imagination has been less than compliant throughout this entire blogging process!

So yes, it’s another seasonal post  but the weather is picking up and I’m feeling inspired and sunny inside.

My Pinterest feed is especially pretty at this time of year and recently it has been filled with a steady stream of purple tones, - everything from outfits, home decor, makeup and stationery. This probably has something to with the fact that Purple (Ultra Violet to be precise) is Pantone’s 2018 Colour of the Year. Normally, I don’t pay that much attention to colour trends, but Purple is my favourite colour and I was curious to see what the hype was about. I wasn’t disappointed. Reading Pantone’s description of this colour is like being hooked by the first few paragraphs of a really good book - cosmic, dreamy and enchanting and left me wanting to know more.

After that, I had Purple on the brain. For the last few weeks it’s been popping up everywhere, or maybe I’m just noticing it more?

Anyway, it got me thinking about how I can incorporate more of this colour in to my life and as much as I love it, I’m not about to start wearing it from head to toe. The thought alone gives me anxiety. I’m much more comfortable in my all black capsule wardrobe.

The F word

First up, flowers. Not exactly groundbreaking ;)  but always relevant.

I had to travel to London last week for work and the city was in full bloom and looking beautiful. The sun really is the best filter.  I’m lucky because our London office is about a 15 seconds walk from Borough Market. I challenge anyone to walk through that place without getting distracted. There’s so many interesting things in one place. It’s a hub for artisan food, including fresh produce, cafes, coffee shops, bakeries, confectionery and street food. It also has a really chill vibe about it, so if you’ve never been, you should definitely check it out when you’re next in the City.

There are only a couple of flower shops in the market, but it wasn’t difficult to notice a certain colour reigning supreme. I have no idea what most of these are called by the way, but they are just oh so pretty. (scroll through the gallery)

Screen Shot 2018-04-22 at 17.07.17.png

I wasn’t in that part of London for very long as I had to rush to another meeting in a different postcode, which I hadn’t realised was in the heart of Covent Garden. Even on a not so sunny day, there is a particular charm about Covent Garden that makes me want to while away the hours people watching and soaking up the atmosphere. So again, if you haven’t been before - add it to your list. On this day, it actually happened to be the hottest day of the year (so far), it’s fair to say I lucked out because Covent Garden was practically glistening. Here are some photos of my walk back from meeting number two. It was a shame I couldn’t stay longer and soak it, but it was a working day and I had a train to catch.


Click through to view gallery


These (pictured above) are from Isle of Flowers located inside of King’s Cross Station. The last photo of the orchids - I couldn’t believe these were actually real! They are stunning. If my hands weren’t full with all my work gear etc. I would have bought them.

London is always on trend and I wouldn’t expect anything less. But I didn’t have look too far when I got back home, I found these gorgeous rainbow oriental Lilies (below) in Tesco, £6, this bunch had 15 flowers. They smell amazing.

Screen Shot 2018-04-22 at 18.22.53.png
Screen Shot 2018-04-22 at 18.23.14.png
Screen Shot 2018-04-22 at 18.23.34.png

Paint it Purple - manicures, not walls

With the promise that warmer weather was on the way, earlier that week I had been to Primark to get some tights for work. On my way to the tights, these nail polishes (below) caught my attention.

I’m not a snob when it comes to nail polish. I used to have a minor addiction a few years ago and at one point I racked up a collection of almost 100 bottles. This included multiples of the same colour because I used to forget what I had previously bought. I have tried most brands on the high street and I am quite impressed with the smooth finish of these polishes, they also last a good 5-7 days before it’s chip city. As it’s Primark, the prices are affordable enough to try out new colours without blowing the budget. These ranged between £0.50 to £1.50. The rectangular shaped bottle appeals to me too, I like that they look a bit different and are also economic on space. I find that rounded bottles take up more room, whereas I think these stack together quite neatly.


Gallery: Polish 1 Dolce, Polish 3 Fairy Dust  (sorry 2 and 4 didn't have labels)


Gallery: Stack 'em


At the weekend I went out to meet some friends at a restaurant and I couldn’t help but notice that the waitress serving us had immaculately painted ultra violet nails.
So I did what any normal customer would do and asked if I could take a photo of her hands (for research/blogging purposes obviously).
 Luckily the lovely Wiktoria appreciated the compliment and wasn’t completely freaked out by my random request!
It turns out that she is quite the pro and paints them herself. Her favourite brand is Mistero Millano and she used a combination of blue and pink to create the ultra violet effect.
I’m not that adventurous, talented or patient when it comes to nail art and manicures (2 coats and I’m out), so I’m always fascinated by people that really up their nail game. You can see more of Wiktoria’s creative nail art over on her Instagram. I'm looking forward to us collaborating together on a future post.


One last thing, I am lusting after this satin lace PJ set from ASOS is perfect for the warm summer nights that are on the way - yes it's Purple!

Ultra Violet (and every other shade of Purple) is officially ‘a thing’, it’s everywhere and it’s only taken me up until April to notice! In my defence, I’ve been cooped up like a hermit since October.  

That’s the end of my Purple post, I don’t think I’ll write another one any time soon. I’d actually still like it to be my favourite colour by the end of 2018, and I have a feeling I’ll be seeing a lot more of it before the year is out.

Any thoughts on Pantone’s choice? What UV/Purple things are inspiring you at the moment?

Share them in the comments.

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