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I like to paint. I don’t paint portraits, landscapes or bowls of fruit. It’s all abstract; happy, sad, tired or frustrated, I work it out on canvas (or on my yoga mat depending on my mood).

I don’t claim to be an artist or an expert as far as technique is concerned, so when I create something that I like, it's usually a happy accident.

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Not quite a blank canvas, but it needs some work

I painted this back in March, the closest thing I can describe it as is a dreamy pink cloud.
It sat in the corner of my living room (like a lot of my other paintings) and it wasn’t until my 8 year old niece came to visit a few weeks later, that I was inspired to turn it into something more than what it was. At this point she he had already claimed it as hers and asked me why it wasn’t finished and what I was going to put on it. It hadn't occurred to me to put anything on it but seeing as it now belonged to her I was interested to know what she had in mind. 

Dreamy pink cloud

Dreamy pink cloud


I can't take full credit for how this little project has evolved. We talked about it, thinking about the different things we could do with this (not so) blank canvas. Our ideas ranged from a photo collage board for to simply personalising it with her name.  In the end, she decided that she just wanted a unicorn. Now, like I said, I’m not an artist, so I definitely knew that I was not drawing or painting a unicorn on it! I also wanted to make it special and if it wasn’t sparkly, then it wouldn’t be up to unicorn standard. This is what I came up with (below) and my niece is in love with it. Even though I’ve already had requests for the unicorn designs in both the pink and yellow (which is encouraging as I plan on making them and selling them on Etsy) I still feel like they’re a bit incomplete...


Click image to view gallery, Whimsical Rainbow Unicorn 1.Dark Pink and 2. Dark Yellow
I love the effect that light has on this rainbow vinyl, it's so pretty! Difficult to capture in the photos but hopefully you can see it better on the yellow canvas below.


That’s where you come in

I’ve tried out a number of designs but now I’m a bit stuck. I’m a minimalist in most areas of my life, but I kind of feel like it’s working against me on this project. My plan is to set up an Etsy store and sell these canvases in various sizes, colours and designs.
But I need your help getting to the final design that I’m happy with. 

I would really appreciate your feedback on what else you think I should include on these

For example
Is it a good idea to:

  • personalise them and add a name

  • include inspirational/motivation words or quotes

I'm interested to know what your ideas or themes are for what I could include for the main image - animals, planets etc.

Or is less more?

I tried using more vinyl on these designs (see right) but honestly, I’m not convinced. Other feedback I’d welcome are suggestions for the placement of the vinyl elements on the canvas and comments about the paint colours.
I am designing with children in mind for now, but I'm not ruling out designs more suitable for teenagers and adults (I'm thinking copper vinyl, pineapples and palms).

I'm excited to hear your feedback, you can message me in the comments below or contact me via the social media buttons at the top of the page - thank you!xx


Oh andI’ll be giving away these (plus some other) initial designs at some point in the very near future (UK readers only - sorry) once my Etsy store is open. So follow me on social media if you have any anyone special in mind that would like one as a gift - I’ll be posting updates, so watch this space.
Speaking of giving things away, a note to fellow creatives types based in the UK. I can’t recommend Crafty Cutter enough. They are the sweetest people and have a really great selection of vinyl products. Here’s a discount code from me to you (GR4IGET4KZ) xx


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Whimsical Rainbow Unicorn Pastel Yellow

Whimsical Rainbow Unicorn Pastel Yellow

Pink Rainbow Flamingo

Pink Rainbow Flamingo

Blue Rainbow Seahorse

Blue Rainbow Seahorse