"Be Happy With What You Have, While Working For What You Want"

Since publishing my first post a couple of weeks ago, I’ve been thinking about how I’m going to keep this blog thing going. Like most bloggers, this is not my full time job - I already have one of those. So any time outside of that is limited and precious.

Only 3 blogs posts in and I had already started to stress myself out unnecessarily (yep doesn’t sound like me at all lol), thinking that I was suddenly in over my head and I wouldn’t have enough time to commit to making it a ‘success’.

But as my friend always likes to remind me, ‘it really isn’t that deep’ and he’s right. I can say that here because I know he won’t read this!

Stress quote.png

Get out of your own way

I honestly don’t know why I was so determined to suck the joy out of what is supposed to be a safe, fun space for my personal and creative musings. Somewhere in the middle of getting my site up and running, learning all of the technical stuff that goes with that and getting back on social media (after a bit of a hiatus), I had lost focus.



It’s definitely not about getting a blog post out every week, to meet a made up, self-imposed deadline. Then judging myself if I fail to meet that deadline, when I simply run out of time at the end of a very busy week or other things in my life take priority. If that is my only focus, then I’m missing the point. I realise that I need time to go away and learn, discover, experience and create the things that interest me and speak to my heart. And sometimes (for now at least) I won’t always have time to blog about those things in time for a post on a Monday evening and I am coming around to the idea of being OK with that.

You don’t have to have it all figured out to move forward

Of course I want this project to grow and it would be such a blessing not have to squeeze it in around everything else. But this isn’t a race or a competition, I know I’ll fall out of love with it if I get ahead of myself, get overwhelmed and don’t enjoy the process. I also know that I won’t be happy if the content isn’t authentically me.

I’m doing this for me and I’m doing it at my own pace and that’s what I need to keep in mind. The rest, is all new and I’m just figuring it out as I go along.

Work in progress.JPG

There’s a quote for that

On a side note, I’m a total sucker for a motivational quote, they give me that friendly little nudge I sometimes need if I haven’t checked in with myself. If you’re in need of a little inspiration, head over to Stone & Stars, they have quotes for days on their  //Wordsworth board on Pinterest - 13k to be exact. You can also find them on Instagram if that’s more your thing.

Thanks for reading xx

How are you getting out of your own way? Share in the comments

Oh and I have a few final bits to do on this site. I still need to create a subscription list for a start. Thank you to the lovely people that have reached out to me to ask. It never occurred to me that some of you would be interested enough to read my blog that you would want to sign up. It’s coming, soon.