My Spring Wish List

Getting ready for Spring and my first blog post!

I work full time and blogging isn’t my day job, but I am determined to make room for both in my life. Starting with my first post, because if I don’t do it now, I will just keep finding reasons not to. I am currently working on building this site, so I’m keeping it simple and easing myself in with a seasonal wish list post :)

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My Spring Wishlist 2018 collage.jpg

Getting organised
Since embarking on this blog and expanding my creative inventory, I have accumulated a growing number of props and materials that are in need of a home. This pastel coloured storage tower from The Range was at the top of my list. That was until I saw these grey decorative boxes from Dunelm. These are not as practical as the tower drawers, but if I continue to use my living room as an office/craft room like I have been recently, then I will probably be better off investing in storage that doesn’t look too out of place with the rest of my furniture. I’m still undecided and I don’t want to add to the clutter situation by getting both. 

My Spring Wishlist 2018 collage.jpg

Cricut accessories
I purchased the Cricut Explore Air 2 (a cutting machine for DIY projects and crafts) a couple of months ago and now that I know what I want to make, I need a few more accessories to complete my kit.

Starting with the Light Grip Cutting Mat and Tool Set.

Getting organised    This chair is  currently doubling up as my creative brain dump station. At least it's contained - for now!

Getting organised

This chair is  currently doubling up as my creative brain dump station. At least it's contained - for now!


Art supplies
I don’t consider myself an artist but I do like to paint. I’m really bad at cleaning my brushes, as in, I just don’t clean them (very lazy I know, especially as I mostly use oil paints). Because of this bad habit, paintbrushes are permanently on my shopping list. I normally get these from eBay. Good value and I like working with the flat tip. For canvases I just go to The Works, they have discount promotions pretty much on a weekly basis and they also give generous rewards points if you sign up. I have a few projects that I want to get started on, so I will probably start buying these from Amazon or any other place that sells them in bulk.


I was never that interested in fonts until I started creating content for this website and now I can’t stop searching for them! There are a lot of free ones online. Behance has a beautiful selection of modern and traditional fonts. I also spend a lot of time on Creative Market looking for inspiration (not just fonts). It’s free to join and you get a 10% discount when you join, plus 6 free product downloads every week.


Getting creative
If like me, you're frequently scrolling through Pinterest or Etsy, you may have noticed a recurring theme when it comes to crafting and that theme is Vinyl. From self-adhesive to Heat Transfer (aka HTV), metallic or matte, the options and colours are endless, which is perfect if you’re in to designing and making your own products and accessories.  I have been struggling to find decent quality products in the UK (that are not overpriced). I recently ordered some materials from Crafty Cutter. Not only do they offer a great selection of quality vinyls, but their customer service is excellent too. I ordered four sheets to try out on a unicorn inspired project that I am working on and they also sent me free off cuts from similar products that I might be interested in. Not small pieces either, enough to do some good size test cuts on :) they were also sweet enough to include a little handwritten message on my delivery note, 'wishing me a lovely day'. I’m really big on the little things and that just made me smile and excited to try out the products. 

by-invitation readers can use this code to get a discount on purchases GR4IGET4KZ
Here’s what I purchased:

Oh and expect a blog post about all things vinyl in the near future. I’ve never used it before and I am learning as I go...

Thanks for reading. I’m interested to know what’s on your wish list? Have you tried any of these products or similar?

Tara-Sienna xx

Rainbow Effect Vinyl (silver glitter)

Rainbow Effect Vinyl (silver glitter)

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