About me






Self confessed Pinterest addict/hoarder and procrastinator. I live for desserts and frequently have random cravings for birthday cake. This probably explains why I enjoy planning parties so much. That and the fact that I love socialising, hosting oh and lists! When I need a break from all of the cake and all of the things, I do yoga or paint. I try to spend as much time as I can outside but I live in the UK so I’m mostly always missing summer.

by-invitation.co.uk is all about inspiring you to create beautiful things, from party planning and recipes to crafting, home decor and anything else that I find online and in life that inspire me. I’ll be adding my own personal touch and making things up as I go along! I don’t promise perfection, where’s the fun in that when you’re learning new things?

Hope that you enjoy my musings. I would love to collaborate with you if you are doing something similar xxx

Contact me via social media or at by-invitation@mail.co.uk.